Friday, August 10, 2012

I have been creating many items over the past few months but have been so busy working I forgot to post them!  How can work get in the way of my posts I just can't figure out.  Anyway, one item I made I actually designed myself and if you knew me you would know what a feat that is!  I thought about some of the whimsical flowers I have seen on many quilts and other items constructed by others and thought, as usual, I can do that. So I did.

This was made by using beautiful batiks I had stashed away and cutting out different shaped flower petals and centers. I also had very thin strips I sewed down for the stems all the while using no real design.  I just laid them out in a way that looked pleasing! What fun.

Then I decided to use some Egyptian cotton quilting thread in bright variegated colors and outlined all petals and around the centers. I didn't follow the lines and simply free-motioned the colors around each petal and often between petals. On one flower you will notice I didn't even have material petals I only used the thread.

This wall quilt was so fun to quilt as well - I used a cream colored threat and swirled all around paying no attention to any other elements. That's what I call FUN!

I hope you enjoy this and have fun making your own.

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