Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh how I love a dreary rainy day in Texas! It is still summer here and we have been having our typical 100+ degree days for a month at least and I dread it every year. But, the last two days it has been cloudy and rainy and today was especially nice because it has rained all day long! Our plants and grass are already perked up and the temperature outside hasn't gotten much over 80 if that. Rain, glorious rain!

I know those of you who have never suffered through a central Texas summer before can't imagine what I'm talking about. Imagine waking up at 5:30 am to go for your morning walk or run and it's already 85 degrees and about 95% humid. Icky poo.  Then if you decide to do it after dark it's about 95+ degrees with a slightly less humid feel. Not sure which is better. So, we just wear as little as we can, stay well hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen.

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with creating, but it does give me time to clean up my sewing area and get my creativity juicing flowing for my next project. And time to take a nice quite nap too.

Ciao for now!

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