Thursday, April 28, 2011

How many projects at once?

I am writing this to see if I can somehow convince myself to get my partially finished projects done once and for all and then post them on my Etsy store!!

I have a habit of starting a number of projects and jumping around from one to another until I finally finish one. Once I get one done I start to feel the pressure to finish the others which leaves me feeling so blah.  Right now I'm in that mode - I have just a tiny bit to go to finish a Mother's day gift and I can't seem to make myself do it. Ugh....  Has anyone else had that problem? I can't figure out what the deal is, I mean I know I get a rush when I start something new and the anticipation of the completed results is exciting, but this is ridiculous! 

I have one crib size quilt that only needs some quilting done and it's ready to go. I have the Mother's day gift (a quilt) that only needs me to clip the extra threads that are hanging out and it's totally done. I see another quilt that needs quilting (I think) and the binding and it's done. Then in my stash over there I see a T-shirt I want to embroider on just sitting there all lonely and empty. I have a whole drawer full of material/scraps with patterns and ideas torn out of magazines waiting for me to decide that project  is the one for me to work on now.

I have a whole stash of items I have finished that I need to take pictures of and post on my Etsy store - I promised I would have this done by the first week in March and it's now the end of April. Wow, how time flies when one doesn't want to do something.....  

OK, maybe by writing this post I will get some motivation to finally get this all done.  With all that slacker talk I have to point out in my favor that I did spend 6 days cleaning out/organizing/throwing out/donating so much stuff from our garage and house in the hopes it would make me more motivated to sew. It worked for a short time but the last few days have been busy at work so I have come home too tired to think about sewing.
In fact I spent a whole 12 solid hours in our garage and I have to say it was well worth it. I found more stuff i can use for my sewing project - yipee!  Great, just what I need......

Well, with all this talk I am starting to feel some motivation to at least finish something tonight so I better get at it before that feeling evaporates.


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