Friday, April 15, 2011

Cat toy with catnip

I made a hit with our cat when I handed him a cute and easy to make cat toy with catnip in it! He immediately attacked it,  threw it around the room, chased it and attacked it again.

Here is where I found the instructions for the catnip heart mice  - It went together so easy and quickly I think I'll make some for all my family & friends' cats.  Shoot I may even make some for the animal shelter, I bet those poor cats would enjoy some catnip.  I wonder if cats care about the fabric choice I make or if I even put on the eyes and whiskers?  For our cat, Max, the only embellishment I did was the tail which I made with 6 inches of suede lace. I worry about him pulling off the eyes or whiskers and choking.  If  you have a cat (or a few) I suggest whipping one of these up to entertain them so they will give you some peace & quiet to sew!

If you haven't been to the site Sew4Home check it out - they have so many adorable patterns with easy to understand instructions. I check it out when I am trying to come up with a good gift idea or something to spiff up our house. 


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