Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is here !

I LOVE springtime. The birds are chirping and flitting about, the trees and flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect and everyone seems so happy. My ideas are blooming as well and I am on a mission to sew as much as I can, when I'm not outside enjoying all the fabulous weather.

Today my mission is to work on getting my own home-based business plan started. UGH, that does not sound as fun as sewing. I have a new book I've been reading - "Managing your business with Outlook 2003 for DUMMIES"  - just my style.  I always enjoy learning new things and reading the book reminds me of my college days, at least there isn't a test at the end - or is there? Again, that isn't as fun as sewing so I will take a few breaks and sew some more items for my Etsy store. Another project I have going right now is a quilt for my mother. It was supposed to be for her birthday which was about 6 weeks ago and obviously that didn't happen. So I told her I would be done with it by Mother's day for sure. I have the binding sewn on the front and now all I have to do is hand stitch it to the back which is my least favorite part and why it is just sitting there staring at me. If anyone has an easier way to do this please let me know. I also need to clean up the threads on the back but that is kind of fun to me, sort of a seek & find treasure hunt. I will post a picture of it after I get the binding done. I am quite happy with my free motion quilting, I am a quilter newbie so anything that works out as planned is a plus for me!  Ok, now I need to get out and get my run over with so I can get back to working on my logo design and Outlook. I hope everyone gets the chance to go out and smell the roses. Cheers and happy sewing.

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